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Mobile Trends 2020 in reconstructing Communities


At RLabs we believe that Mobile Phones plays a big role in the empowerment of people and we specifically see the following areas where it will make a difference in communities world-wide: 1) Mobile Phones will be a key educational tool not just for distribution of content but also to create an interactive environment for […]

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FREE eBook: Influence – A marketer’s handbook

Earlier this year RLabs and its Asia partner, Youth Works Asia, participated in a research project with Mobile Youth giving some insights from young South Africans into how they adopt their brands. You can download the FREE ebook over here and happy reading. Influence – A Marketer's guide (Free Ebook Download by mobileYouth) View more […]

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RLabs Mobile Survey Report


So we’ve got our first results in from our Mobile Phone Survey where we had more than 5,000 users responding and completing our mobile questionnaire. The results shows a number of interesting developments in the Mobile Phones space in South Africa including: – BlackBerry’s dominance as mobile phone mostly desired. – The demise of some […]

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Youth and Mobile Usage


In preparation for the release of the RLabs Mobile Report and a follow-up to our previous post we would like to share some early results from our 5,000+ survey responses. According to our results 69% of youth indicated that they use multiple SIM cards. Eighty eight percent of youth are using prepaid to pay for […]

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Mobile Phone users in South Africa

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Today RLabs launched a survey to get an indication of mobile phone usage in South Africa. The survey will be served via mobile social network platform, MXit, to a few thousand users and this is one of our ongoing mobile research studies that we are doing in collaboration with our global partner the Mobile Youth […]

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