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ONE movement, 39 Countries, 2 Million People


With lots of excitement RLabs want to announce that after tracking the number of users, subscribers, unique visitors across all our mobile services since our inception we noted that we’ve passed the milestone of reaching 2 MILLION people. Another interesting fact is also that we’ve had people interacting with these services from 39 different countries […]

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RLabs Portugal mobilizing champions for Social Change


It has been just over a year since our last visit to Porto, Portugal where the RLabs movement started its first international social franchise. Being back with champions Tiago and Gustavo was a wonderful opportunity to connect and assess the growth of RLabs in Portugal. The visit by Marlon and Rene gave RLabs the opportunity […]

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So what does SA youth think about Mobile advertising?


Over the past week RLabs in collaboration with JamiiX started its 2nd Mobile Report for 2011 (Our first Mobile report is available here). The focus of the report will be on the response of youth (aged 13 – 35) in South Africa to Mobile Advertising. After 5 days of running the Mobile Survey we managed […]

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Mobile Trends 2020 in reconstructing Communities


At RLabs we believe that Mobile Phones plays a big role in the empowerment of people and we specifically see the following areas where it will make a difference in communities world-wide: 1) Mobile Phones will be a key educational tool not just for distribution of content but also to create an interactive environment for […]

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RLabs responds to basic education crisis in South Africa


This past week a report was released that the numeracy and literacy levels at South African schools were disappointing and immediate attention is required to address this problem. RLabs with its new project “moFunda” in partnership with Ympyra ,JamiiX and MXit have piloted a basic numeracy programme via MXit (Mobile Instant Messager) and mobile browser […]

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