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Meet the Team at Qhamani

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Qhamani is a Xhosa word that means “Glow”. The team at Qhamani provides individuals from townships, with “ready made” toolkits to farm organic produce. ¬†Through a mobile application, Qhamani aims to provide regular tips and information to help individuals produce healthy crops. The idea was initiated while the group were attending the GROW Leadership Academy […]

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Read what the projects in InnovIA have been up to for Trimester One, 2014


On the 17 February 2014, the Innovians were welcomed into the incubator at RLabs. What is an “Innovian”? Staff at RLabs are using it to identify those who have been accepted into the RLabs incubator where their ideas are developed into a product and sustainable business, at the Innovation Incubator and Accelerator (InnovIA). Their journey […]

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RLabs InnovIA: Class of 2014


It is with great excitement that RLabs took in its third class into the Innovation Incubator and Accelerator programme. This 9 month programme will assist Social Entrepreneurs with support, access to networks and resources as well as providing mentorship and guidance. This year we have a diverse group of Social Entrepreneurs covering areas such as […]

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Wanted: Social Innovators for our Incubator and Accelerator 2014 class


RLabs has since 2011 incubated 22 social innovative ideas and we are looking for the next group of bright minds. Our Innovation Incubator and Accelerator (InnovIA) is one of the few social innovation incubators based in Cape Town and have produced social enterprises such as JamiiX (enterprise instant messaging), UUSI (mobile jobs platform), Chisana Tours […]

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Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania driving the Social Revolution


The last few weeks have seen an increase in activity via our Southern Africa and East Africa RLabs spaces. Mozambique launched its first hub activity officially in Lionde followed up with a graduation. There were lots of excitement with the champions as sessions in Social Media, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship were offered to the community […]

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